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Our job as a Club is to provide a place for young people to develop, not only as swimmers but also as confident, healthy and independent individuals. The club endeavours to provide a strong foundation from where every swimmer can go on to achieve their full potential, carrying the lessons learnt for the remainder of their lives.

Membership Fees

New Members

New members can register now via the JOIN NOW button, complete the on-line registration and provide a copy of a birth certificate or passport to the Registrar

via email or the white box

at the pool. 

Membership Link

Member Handbook

miami handbook image 2019-2020.png

 Fees - 2018/2019


       9+ swimmer     

   8yr swimmer  


7yr and under swimmer



Recreational swimmer


           Parent Member            

$11.00 (at least 1 Parent to join)



Note: The training program at Miami is managed by Rackley's Swimming. If you have any questions concerning the program or Squad Fees please contact Rackley's on 07 5655 3383


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